Here's a few of my favorite photographers, writers, designers, artists and sites. This is where I go for inspiration, when I want to look at something beautiful, or learn something new.

Saatchi Art - Original art from talented international artists.
ArtStation - Talented CGI artists from around the world.
VR is for Artists - The future is coming fast. Just tried out Oculus Quill...amazing!
Brian Despain - I love Brian's work, whimsical and fun oil paintings.
Catia Chien - Working mostly in watercolors, her work is just lovely.
Cloud King - Represents a group of extremely talented illustrators and fine artists.
MoCo Loco - Art, interior design and architecture, always inspiring.
Neil Gaiman's Journal - Just one of my fave authors ever. I like that he started out in comics too.
Jesse van Dijk - A truly original and awesomely imaginative concept artist.
Sistine Chapel - Virtual 360 degree view of the inside of the Sistine Chapel. Amazing!
The Art of Alex Gross - Weird and whimsical. I just love it and I don't know why.
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